Wavell Road
Catterick Garrison
Tel: 01748 832298
Email: admin@wavellschools.co.uk

Our Aims

  • To plan and deliver a broad and balanced curriculum that is accessible to all the children, being mindful of their individual needs so that they may acquire knowledge, skills and understanding in all areas.
  • To know each of our children as individuals so that we can ensure they achieve academic fulfillment and a sense of self worth as members of a community.
  • To strive for the highest standards of teaching and learning by valuing the status of everyone involved in the development of young children.
  • To recognize the importance of parents as the child’s first and most importance educators.
  • To work actively at all times towards a peaceful society. To teach our children to be aware of and at ease with their own gender and origin and the gender and origin of others.
  • To adopt a wider view of the school as part of a community and to review regularly how we can serve and be involved in it.
  • To ensure that our systems prevent any child here being disadvantaged in any way by frequent school moves.
  • To encourage children to value and care for each other and to give them understanding of the value of good health.

Expansion of Aims

  • We are concerned with the development of the whole personality of each individual. We try to teach what each child needs, regardless of age, sex or ability. We try to make it difficult to fail. We try to present the child with work which is attractive, stimulating and challenging. We try to create incentives to increase the natural thirst for knowledge and skills that are present in almost all children, and to channel efforts into useful and interesting pursuits. We want children to enjoy school and to make the best use of their time there. We remain aware that, for most of our children, their time here may be limited. We need to be sympathetic to this but also want to ensure that their time with us is memorable and that they leave here having fulfilled their true potential and with happy memories.
  • We do not forget that we are part of a process, and we want our children to go on to the next stage of their education with a built-in desire for further interesting work and experience.

Our Values

We want our pupils to achieve their full potential and to become good and confident members of the community by sharing, with us all, the following precepts:

  • To tell the truth.
  • To keep promises.
  • To respect the rights and property of others.
  • To act considerately towards all living things.
  • To help those who are weaker and less fortunate and than ourselves.
  • To take personal responsibility for all our actions.
  • To develop self-discipline.

The values underlying these precepts are reflected also in the school rules:

  • To be considerate and kind towards adults and towards other pupils.
  • To try our best in everything we do.
  • To take care of our school and the people in it.
  • To respect and care for other people and their property.
  • To be proud of our school and to take care of it.
  • To be honest and truthful.

The Staff and Governing Body will:

  • Listen to children and take their concerns seriously.
  • Work together as a team towards achieving the maximum academic success for all children so that they each fulfil their true potential.
  • Do all we can to keep children safe and happy.
  • Take appropriate action if any child is being bullied or intimidated.
  • Communicate with parents so that they know what is happening to their child in school.
  • Consider inclusion as being at the heart of the school.
  • Work with parents to overcome difficulties.